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Free Online Competitions You Can Win

Why Should I Enter Online Competitions?

Well, why not? They're free, fun and possibly rewarding. There really are no downsides to free competitions and you have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time. There are literally thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be won online, why let everyone else have all the fun?

Types of Online Competitions

There are many types of online competitions. Neither is necessarily better or worse. It all comes down to how much you want to win and how much effort you are willing to put into it. Of coarse, both effort and potential winnings directly correlate; when one variable goes up, so does the other.

For the most part though, the big hitters in free online competitions seem to be coming in two types: survey-funded competitions and ad-funded competitions. Ad-funded competitions can be won by simply filling in your contact info on a website, possibly playing a short guessing game to qualify, and hoping you get lucky. These are typically funded by ad revenue through the website in which the competition takes place, which in turn benefits the competitors.

Survey-funded competitions require a bit more time to qualify for. Although they're free, time investment is required by filling out surveys. In competitions based on qualifying through surveys, the entrant will fill out as many surveys as they wish (as long as the website doesn't run out), getting entry tickets into a draw.

The more surveys you fill out, the higher your chances of winning. What makes these competitions beneficial is that a lot of people won't feel like putting the time in to completing surveys, increasing your chance of winning. Also, the prizes are generally of a higher value.

Which Type of Competition Should I Enter?

It's really a matter of your personal preferences. Do you have time to invest in taking surveys or other long qualifications? If so, survey-funded competitions are likely for you. Having time to invest that others don't gives you an upper edge in these competitions, thus increasing your average winnings. If you don't have time to invest, ad-funded competitions should be up your ally. In these, everybody has the exact same chance of winning, no matter how much time they have, not leaving you at a disadvantage.

General Tips

- Sometimes, you are given a choice to put a ballot in one, among many different draws. Remember, an iPhone will likely have more contestants than a coffee maker. Whether you choose to bet on higher or lower valued items is up to you.

- Competitions don't usually last for a very long time. There are new ones popping up every day so be sure to keep an eye out for the next big one.

- If anyone asks you for a credit card number in return for free ballots in a competition, be sure to search the website on your search engine of choice and see what other people are saying about it. It takes but a minute and protects your personal information.


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Want to Win a iPhone 5S? Online Contests Are The Key!

For all you electronics junkies out there, you need to start taking advantage of online competitions. Not only can you win a iPhone 5S, you can get an iPhone 5s brand new, and not spend any of your money.

Outside of an Apple iPhone 5s, you can win a 16gb iPhone 5s, and you can win a myriad of other Apple products. So if an iPhone 5s Apple style isn't really your thing, don't sweat; there's plenty of other options to choose if you know where to look!

How to Enter
Before you knock online contests, you may want to do a proper google search and find out just how many contests are out there giving away amazing beauty products like hair dryers. Whether you have your heart set on iPads, iPhones or other provider's cell phones and tablets, there are online competitions that give away all your favorite electronics as prizes. You just have to take the time to find the contests gifting your preferred items, and then you need to go about entering.

The steps to enter into a contestant pool just involve completing the information needed, and then re-entering your selected contests everyday that you are allowed to. Consistently entering contests as frequently as the rules allow will increase your odds of being selected as a winner.

With the incredible assortment of electronics that are available as prizes from online contests form places like www.theprizefinder.com there are increasingly large numbers of contestants. Because of this, if you can get your name in that hat - so to speak - as much as possible, you will be able to stand a chance against the masses all vying for the same incredible prizes you want.

What's The Catch
Truly, with online contests there is no catch. There is also no guarantee to win a prize. However, if you are selected as a winner, then that prize is yours. There are no strings attached, you have no obligation to the company. You own that prize fair and square, and you can do with it whatever you please.

Say you ended up winning two iPhones from the different contests you've been entering. You are more than welcome to sell that second phone on the general market. There is no obligation to return a prize for any reason, and you can do whatever you see fit with each and every one of your prizes.

Considering the fact that you have nothing to lose, and potentially hundreds of electronics to gain, why wait? Try your hand at winning some online contests today!

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Watch The Winnings Come Pouring In!

Everyone loves something for free. It's the modern human condition. The privilege of being able to have something and not being charged for it is special, because it is incredibly rare. Yet, with the advent of online competitions, the chance to get something for nothing is becoming increasingly possible.

Online contests provide iPhone offers, iPhone 6 offers, and many other free offers. That's right - best iPhone 6 offers and so many more my offers competitions are available online, it's actually mad! You can enter contests online and come away with prizes ranging from iPhones to cash, from free holidays to shopping sprees!

All for no money out-of-pocket for you at all!

What are Online Contests?
Due to their relative newness there is a bit of doubt when it comes to entering online contests. What are they exactly and what does entering one entail? The good news is that online competitions are just that - contests that you can find online from a simple google search, and which require no postage or handling to submit an entry to win your preferred prize.

Contests entered online cost you nothing, and you will not get an onslaught of mail being sent to your home. There is truly no risk to be had in entering online contests, so you can see why so many people in the UK are beginning to jump on the band wagon and try their luck. Everyone wants to try their hand at securing the latest iPhone or hundreds of other prizes, after all!

How Can I Win?
Winning online competitions does not have any rhyme or reason. Like winning anything, it is question of odds and luck. Perhaps you will stumble upon the one contest that no one else has entered, and you will come away a winner just from those great odds! More than likely, of course, you will be competing against many other entrants. Still, someone has to win a competition, as it might as well be you!

What Can I Win?
People have won far more than iPhones and Apple gadgets, as prizes also. Contestants have won cold, hard cash, holiday trips abroad, and some of the best make-up samples available. There really is no limit to the quality of items you can with through online competitions in the UK. Of course you cannot be a winner if you do not play the game. Find your ideal contest, enter as many time as you are able, and cross your fingers!

Entering online contests is no replacement for hard work or a real job for the daily living components of life - food, a roof over your head, and clothes on your back. But a little bit of effort can provide you prizes in the form of all the little luxuries that make life fun. Prizes like iPhones, free spending money, fun holidays, and even great nights out. So test your luck and enter an online competition today!

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Need a Free iPhone 5s Brand New?

Are you feeling like the last kid on the playground without an iPhone? Do you love the idea of having the chic, popular phone, complete with all its fabulous covers and accessories, but just can't bring yourself to spend the money? Or maybe you and your family just don't have enough money period to be spending so much on a phone. But you really want one, and the frustration is killing you? What if we told you there is another way.

By entering online contests, you can win a iPhone 5s. That's right. You can win an iPhone 5s brand new, 16gb iPhone 5s from Apple . An iPhone 5s can be yours for free. That's right. You can get a 5s Apple iPhone absolutely free, and it's totally legal and totally legitimate. So how can this amazing phone be gifted to you for no money out of your own pocket? You can win the phone. That's right, you can win iPhones by entering online competitions.

Online Competitions
It may sound too good to be true but there really are a plethora of online competitions through the UK that are giving away iPhones and other Apple products as prizes, completely free. You can honestly get your hands on brand new, never-been-used electronics from Apple for free. Just for entering an online competition. If lady luck is on your side, you can have your hands on an iPhone with no guilt, and no need to go without hot water. Absolutely free, and the prize can be yours. You just have to enter online.

Entering online competitions is not nearly as stressful and overwhelming as it used to be to enter mail-in sweepstakes and contests. Performing a simple google search will find you the contests that are giving away your beloved iPhone. After making a list of each of the contests offering iPhones are prizes, you just have to fill out the entry forms to each one, and then cross your fingers!

To increase your chances of winning, of course, it comes highly recommended that you re-enter each of your preferred contests every day that you are able to do so. Doing so increases your odds of being selected a winner, and when you want something this bad, spending a few extra minutes each day re-entering a contest does not seem like too much to ask for the chance at getting a phone for free!

Make all your friends jealous as you show off your brand new iPhone, without having had to spend any money at all! So go ahead, what have you got to lose? Enter some online contests today, and cross those fingers!

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